Beware of changes to intruder alarms

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Intruder Alarm

We have become aware of actions by some alarm companies that could invalidate clients’ insurance policies.  Intruder alarms have a variety of grades and signalling methods which make it difficult for a normal consumer to understand.


It has been highlighted to us that an alarm company has offered a “free upgrade” to their clients, although they are in fact offering an inferior product which might not be acceptable to an insurance company.  Insurance companies normally require an alarm system to have what is called “EN grade 4 signalling”, the alternative being offered by the alarm company in this incident was grade 2.  This provides substantially worse times for faults to be discovered and therefore means that there could be an extended period when the alarm is unable to send signals to the alarm company.


We are happy to provide individual advice to our clients and would suggest that if your alarm company offers changes to the system, you request this in writing and forward to us. Alarm companies work in a competitive environment and whilst most of these provide a professional service, some have been found not to offer the best advice to clients.  Luker Rowe can provide advice on an impartial basis.


If you have had changes to your system in recent years, we would suggest you request a full specification of your system from the alarm company and forward this to us for our comments.


Because our staff have a good technical understanding of alarm systems, they are able to provide specialist advice to our clients and prospective clients. Find out more about what our commercial team can offer you.