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EU flag with the UK coming out

Whilst negotiations are continuing over the United Kingdom’s exit of the European Union, and uncertainty surrounding the terms of the Brexit deal, we wish to provide an update on the potential impact on drivers should the UK leave the EU without a withdrawal agreement. It is important to note that nothing has been formally agreed at this point, but customers should be aware of the potential implications on the motor insurance industry.

Guidance from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) is that drivers should be prepared to have a Green Card when driving abroad after midnight on the 31st October 2019. UK Government guidelines states if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, UK drivers may also need an IDP and extra documentation to drive in the EU and EEA. Helpful information can be found on the MIB website here.

Why is a Green Card needed?

A Green Card is an international certificate of insurance which guarantees that the motorist has the necessary third-party insurance cover. These certificates prove that customers are suitably insured to drive in these countries. A physical copy of a Green Card on green paper is needed when travelling as digital copies are not currently accepted. If the UK leaves the EU without a deal on 31 October 2019 and the European Commission does not make a decision to exempt UK registered vehicles from being checked for proof of insurance, you will need to carry a motor insurance Green Card when driving within European Union countries and EU approved countries (including Ireland, Andorra, Serbia & Switzerland).

Those who travel without a Green Card may be breaking the law of the country they are traveling in and could face penalties such as fines and the seizure of their vehicle. They may also not be allowed to drive in the country they are visiting. Some EU and European Economic Area (EEA) countries and Andorra, Serbia and Switzerland may also require a separate Green Card as proof of insurance for your trailer/caravan, irrespective of registration requirements.

If you are planning to take your vehicle to the EU after 31 October 2019 you should contact us to arrange for a Green Card in good time for your trip. We at Luker Rowe will continue to be your professional guide, providing timely updates and advice as the situation unfolds.