Changes to the Construction Plant Hire Association (CPA) Conditions

News > Changes to the Construction Plant Hire Association (CPA) Conditions

Changes made to these conditions, which are the first changes for 10 years, will affect anyone hiring out or hiring in plant.

Many of the changes are to clarify existing conditions and bring wordings up to date.

Some of the key changes are:

  • Confirming that the hirer is responsible whilst being delivered or collected from site, unless being delivered by the owner’s driver.
  • Confirming that any employees supplied by the owner are the responsibility of the hirer, including any injury to them, or any injury or damage they cause.
  • A hirer only has 24 hours from the commencement of hire to notify any defects in the plant.
  • The hirer is responsible for ensuring the site is suitable for delivery of the plant, including all access roads.
  • The hirer must pay invoices within 30 days
  • Clarifies how off hires can be confirmed and time periods required (where plant is not hired for a fixed period)

Action for owners

You should consider if you wish to use the new terms immediately. Generally, the terms work to the benefit of the owner, so most owners will implement these. Your quotations and other documents should clearly show which conditions you are operating with – e.g. Subject to the Construction Plant Hire Conditions (October 2021).

Action for hirers

There is no change in the requirement for insurance, but you should ensure that you have sufficient insurance in place for plant, employer’s liability, public liability and if appropriate motor insurance. Please contact us if you wish to discuss the covers required.