Motor Claims

Motor claims should be advised to your insurers in accordance with their own required procedures. Most motor insurers operate a 24-hour helpline where they can take details of the accident over the telephone and arrange for your vehicle to be removed to an approved repairer, if necessary. Please ensure all questions are answered fully to ensure delays are avoided. Also note that it is a requirement that all accidents are reported as soon as possible, even where there is no damage to your vehicle.

Motor Insurance Claims - Luker Rowe

At the scene of the accident obtain details of:

  • exchange names, addresses, telephone numbers and insurance companies
  • note the registration number and make/model of any other vehicle(s) involved
  • sketch a plan of the scene
  • take photos. Most mobile phones now have a camera. Use it to take as many photographs of the incident, the vehicles, the surrounding area and any tyre marks on the road before they are moved.
  • obtain witness details
  • Whatever the circumstances of the incident, DO NOT ADMIT LIABILITY even if you think you are at fault. Your insurer is entitled to deny a claim or pay a reduced amount if the statements made by you or your employees prejudice the insurer’s position.

Any correspondence received from third parties, or their representatives, should be forwarded immediately, unanswered, to us or your insurer for attention.

Note: failure to report an incident could result in a delay to the authorisation of repairs or indemnity being refused.