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At the EPS show at Excel this year our stand was directly opposite our client Vector Lighting and during a quieter moment, we had the time to chat through their experience of using Luker Rowe when they suffered from a serious occurrence at their storage units.

Robin Figg Director at Vector Lighting tells us what happened… 

“We had been with Luker Rowe about 10 years and we had never made a claim, then one Friday afternoon, I was away and noticed I had a number of missed calls.  There had been a fire in a building behind us but luckily hadn’t made it through to our units.  However, the heat had reached over 100 degrees and the water and soot even managed to make it into a sealed unit.  We are an electronics company with a lot of audio and lighting kit with lots of vents that let in the soot.  There was a sticky covering of soot-like treacle covering everything which only chemicals could remove.  In the end, we had to throw it all away, hundreds of cables and lighting fixtures were totally unusable.

Luker Rowe was on site the very next day.  They were incredibly reassuring, working with the assessor and negotiating with the insurers.  It took 2 years to fully recover but we had both kit and building insurance with Luker Rowe and with them pointing us in the right direction it got going faster and we were fully recompensed, not something we were always sure was going to happen.

We learned a lot of lessons.  We now have business interruption insurance which would have helped, we didn’t think total loss was possible due to the way our buildings were set up and we had to carry on in the same buildings while being refurbed which caused a lot of unnecessary hassle.

Luker Rowe understands what we do and how we do it! We are quite unique and they make sure that we are covered for aspects that wouldn’t usually be thought of so we have a tailored package specific to what we do.  They have a breadth and depth of knowledge which means we don’t need to explain everything whilst looking after us and making sure that our policies cover us for what we do.  During the pandemic, they handled everything really well making sure that we got money back due to a change in our policy because we weren’t out working.

If you’re not with a company that has your interests at heart you will only find out when it’s too late”