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A fire risk assessment is required on all ‘non-domestic’ properties.  Depending upon the use of the premises, the requirements may fall on the employer, the landlord, the occupier or the facilities management company.  It is a legal requirement that this fire risk assessment is completed and that the staff or occupiers are fully informed about the risks identified.

Although the law requires this to be completed by a ‘responsible person’, this can be carried out by a senior person within the organisation and formal training is not required. The assessment needs a common sense approach of identifying possible fire hazards, considering if the risk can be reduced and then preparing a report.  We are able to provide a template fire risk assessment which will be suitable for many small to medium sized buildings. Larger or more specialist buildings may require a more detailed assessment to be completed.

‘Non-domestic premises’ includes:

  • All work places and commercial premises.
  • All premises the public have access to.
  • The common areas of multi-occupied residential buildings.
  • Any organisation having paying guests, such as bed and breakfast or self-catering properties.

A written record of the assessment needs to be kept and needs to be reviewed at regular intervals. Further details regarding the requirements can GOV.UK. The website includes both an outline of the requirements and some detailed guides.

Please do speak to your Account Executive at Luker Rowe if you would like any further assistance or advice.